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228 Collingwood FC Songs & amp; Jalkapallo lauluja

Jalkapallojoukkue Pelaa AFL, Australia

17922 We're Collingwood coz we are the greatest
18146 Scott Pendlebury the next captain
18276 Black and White Army when playing those tw*ts in yellow n black!
18501 Who's That Team? A great song
18707 We All Follow the Magpies! explains itself
19369 F*#Kin Dynamite When we're smahing it home...
19868 Pemdles - He Plays on the Left Pendles
19956 You Wish You Had Paul Medhurst Paul Medhurst
20105 Super Alan Didak the great Alan Didak
20322 Empty Seats a song for Melbourne and others with poor support
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20457 Cashed Up a reminder that we are above all else!
20546 Take Me Home Pies classic
20672 Are You Melbourne in Disguise? when we're smashing a team!
20879 Ever Seen Freo Win the League? sung for the Freo scum!
22338 Alan Didak Walks on Water Didak, love him
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